Delta boosts Wheels Up with $10M – execs shakeup!

Private Jet on Apron
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In September 2023, Delta added 10 million to its investment in Wheels Up, a private jet business. This move comes as Delta looks to increase its presence in the private jet market.

Wheels Up is a membership-based private jet business that offers customers access to a fleet of private jets. Delta’s investment will help Wheels Up expand its fleet and operations.

This is not the first time Delta has invested in a private jet business. In 2016, Delta invested in Blade, a helicopter service that offers flights between New York City and the Hamptons.

Delta’s investment in Wheels Up is part of the airline’s broader strategy to grow its private jet business. In addition to expanding its fleet, Delta is also looking to add more private jet routes and offer more customized services to its customers.

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