Delta invests $15M more in Wheels Up: Private jet travel just got a major boost!

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In September 2023, Delta gave Wheels Up an additional $15 million in funding. This brings Delta’s total investment in the private jet company to $85 million.

Wheels Up is a membership-based private jet company that offers on-demand flying, jet card programs, and aircraft management services. With this latest infusion of capital, Delta is now the largest shareholder in Wheels Up.

The investment is part of Delta’s broader strategy to offer more premium travel options to its customers. In addition to the Wheels Up partnership, Delta has also invested in luxury hotel brands like Virgin Hotels and has launched its own premium cabin product, Delta One.

By investing in Wheels Up, Delta is able to offer its customers a more seamless and integrated travel experience, whether they’re flying on a commercial flight or a private jet. And with Delta’s backing, Wheels Up is well positioned to continue growing its business and expanding its fleet of aircraft.

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